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Chinese Cupping Therapy

What is Chinese Cupping Therapy ?

Cupping is an ancient therapy and is practised in many different cultures and countries. Cupping is usually based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It works by creation of a vacuum on specific areas of the back, neck, shoulders and stomach. This helps to clear blocked areas, loosen muscles, expel cold and damp from the tissues - reducing swelling and pain and increasing the blood flow to these areas. Cupping is often used as an adjunct to Acupuncture. It is especially used to expel colds and flu, sore throats, to heal muscle stiffness & aches, and strengthen the lower back.


The International Cupping Therapy Association : www.cuppingtherapy.org

Thanks to Rachel Baynes - Cupping in London (www.cuppinglondon.co) for contributing to this definition

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