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We value our members and respect your privacy. We will not pass on or sell any of your personal details to any third party.

It is very important that we are able to send you certain emails - "System" Emails - such as messages sent from potential clients who visit your listing and are interested in your services, also renewal reminders and official notices.

Due to GDPR regulations, our system therefore requires that you to actively agree to this, via a permission button on your account control panel. Without your permission to send you such emails, the website will not function as intended, and your listings will therefore no longer be displayed and will be deleted. When you set up your account initially, you gave permission for this.

We also require your separate permission to send occasional emails such as Newsletters, Offers, Hints or advice on how you could use the website more successfully or more practically ("General" emails). There is a second permission option for this type of email. You may allow or deny these emails as you prefer.

Practitioners' email addresses always remain hidden, and are therefore not available to visitors to the website, nor others who may wish to abuse them. Genuine enquirers can only contact practitioners by submitting a form through our online enquiry form system which protects the practitioners' email addresses. For privacy and confidentiality, no content of these enquiry emails is stored nor copied by Healers.co.uk. Enquiries are immediately redirected to the personal email address of the recipient practitioner that we have on file. If you change your email address it is therefore very important to update your account through your Control Panel.

No personal details of general website visitors are recorded, other than statistical data within the server logs.

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