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Metatron Healing,Usui and Karuna Reiki
Louise Page
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Other Services Offered by Louise Page

Mindfulness,  Metatronic Healing,  Anusha Healing

Metatron Healing« - Archangel Energy Therapy Treatments ~ Usui Reiki Treatments ~ Usui Reiki Training levels 1 and 2 ~ Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Training programme ~ Karuna« Reiki Treatments and Training ~ Reiki Drum Treatments ~ Metaphysical Counselling ~ Metaphysical Workshop-Introduction to Self Awareness ~ Reiki Share Group ~ Reiki Master/ Teacher share group

~ Metatron« Healer Advanced level

~ Usui and Karuna« Reiki Master Teacher

~ Metaphysical Counsellor and Faciltator

~ Reiki Drum Practitioner

What is Metatron Healing?

This angelic healing gift is guided by the energies of Archangel Metatron. Metatron healing removes traumas, destructive emotions and limiting beliefs, from deep within the cellular memory dissolving fear. It is a combination of spiritual surgery, colour therapy and energy/spiritual healing.

Metatronic Healing« helps to ´Remove the story from the body´ by removing pain, trauma and all that has kept you away from fulfillment, health, wealth, creativity and success. We all hold pain and old grievances, mostly unconscious, which have arisen from childhood conditioning. They are really a fiction, but they feel like the truth. These stories give rise to fear: anger, resentment, regret; feelings of


Website  : http://www.beingmystical.co.uk

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