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Dreamweavers Energy Work Trisha Mulholland
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Other Services Offered by Dreamweavers Energy Work Trisha Mulholland

Essences - Flower,  Jin Shin,  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT),  Shamanic Healing

Trisha Mulholland MA KFRP (Adv) ITEC Dip BS Dip ISH MNFSH
Member of The Kinesiology Federation, The Association for Therapeutic Healers, The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, Jin Shin Jyutsu Org.,The Society of Shamanic Practitioners and The Core Shamanic Practitioners Group

Trisha brings 20 years of practice and experience in working with people of all ages and in all states of health to her work.

She has helped people with anxiety, depression,bereavement, trauma, addictions, stress, phobias, hypersensitivity, cancer, co-dependency, panic attacks, infertility, eating disorders, relationship issues, self esteem, personal development, life changes, spiritual direction.

Website  : http://www.dreamweaversenergywork.com


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