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Kinesiology London - North N2, and near Liverpool St EC2M

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Kinesiology London - North N2, and near Liverpool St EC2M
Claudia Benson Kinesiologist
Utopia Therapy Centre,
1 Leicester Road,
Leicester Mews, Greater London N2 9EJ Email
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Claudia Benson

Claudia Benson is a fully qualified and Kinesiology Federation and BCMA registered Health Kinesiology practitioner and reiki master, based in north London in East Finchley at Utopia: and also the City by Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations. Reiki and psychic readings also available.

Kinesiology is used for stress management, hormone balance, digestive problems, sleeping well, letting go of relationships, allergiy, intolerances, electromagnetic pollution.

Acupressure, neuro lymphatic and neuro vascular massage, flower remedies, essential oils, magnetic therapy and thoughts and memories with positive affirmations are used in the session to clear stress from the client.

Claudia Benson (KFRP) is a fully qualified Health Kinesiology practitioner, registered as a full member under the Kinesiology Federation. This is the principle regulatory body of professional kinesiologists; which guarantees standards in training, insurance, code of ethics, supervision, and continuing professional development.

- East Finchley, North London, N2 9EJ at Utopia Therapy;
- Health in the City 65 London Wall, by Liverpool Street station, EC2M 5TU

Claudia has been practising since 2002

Clients have used health kinesiology for allergy testing, detoxing, stress, hormone balancing, sleeping problems,digestive problems, IBS, PMT, exam nerves, skin problems, lethargy, libido, memory, and concentration.

Do please check out my website or ring/email me if you want to have a chat about the issues/conditions would like kinesiology for.
The way to holistic health through Kinesiology with Claudia Benson, (KF Assoc. MTI, BSc Hons). Specialising in Health Kinesiology (´HK´). HK uses muscle testing which is rather like dowsing, but without requiring a dowsing crystal or dowsing rod. The HK session uses acupressure meridian energy balancing, and to release known and hidden stresses from your mind and body. The HK sessions can also be used to test you for allergies, and to find out your optimum nutritional/vitamin supplement recommendations.

Health Kinesiology (´HK´) is a holistic therapy combining acupressure with muscle testing. It is an efficient means of finding what your own body sees as the priority health issues. HK then works with these to release the strain they cause the body. Finally providing specific home tasks whether temporary or long term, that need to be done to reduce further health problems.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find problems in the body´s natural subtle energy systems (meridians, acupressure points, chakras and aura) that have arisen due to toxins, stress, lifestyle, eating/drinking habits etc.
Health Kinesiology muscle testing involves the client lying down (clothed) with one forearm resting at right angles to the couch. Gentle pressure on the arm can check muscle resistance which is used to gauge causes of various body stresses e.g. a current life issue, a nutritional deficiency or overload, or an allergen substance.

Home and office space clearing also available (POA).


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