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Rosen Method - A unique way towards Release of Chronic Tension & Natural Breath

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Rosen Method - A unique way towards Release of Chronic Tension & Natural Breath
Rosen Method Bodywork
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Rosen Method is a somatic approach, working with body in mind or mind in body through gentle touch, awareness and words. Some may call Rosen Method to be like a meditation in relationship or a kind of mindfulness for the body, where the practitioner and client both follow the felt experience.

By gentle touch and verbalisation, the client is encouraged to 'feel' or ´sense´ areas of the body/mind where they may have shut off or limited themselves by tension in their muscles and restricted their breath. Sometimes old or limited thought patterns arise, that no longer serve the client´s life and current circumstances. Rosen Method is described as a psycho-spiritual approach or a ´whole person process´ where attention is on the person within the body , not for the purpose of fixing or making the client better, but to re-discover who they are body, mind and soul, and not who they think they are.

The client has the opportunity to reflect deeply together with the practitioner of how their life has been or helped to become aware of frozen bodily attitudes that might act as rectricting forces. When there is trust and connection, the body may no longer need to hold the muscles tight. Connection to feelings, emotions, memories, sensation may emerge as the process unfolds and creates the possibility of more engagement with self and with life.

Individuals can experience Rosen Method through workshops and personal sessions with a practitioner. It is also possible to train to become a certified Rosen Method Practitioner.

For more details of workshop and practitioners visit our website or call us.


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