Katie Banfield Osteopathy & Naturopathy

Katie Banfield Osteopathy & Naturopathy

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Katie Banfield Osteopathy & Naturopathy
Katie Banfield Osteopathy & Naturopathy
The Horn Street Clinic,
24 Horn Street,
Winslow, Buckinghamshire MK18 3AL Email
United Kingdom Website
Phone : 01296-714504 Map
Mobile : 07770-917388 Print

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Treatment using orthodox Osteopathy, craniosacral and visceral techniques. Craniosacral techniques ar especially useful for head trauma e.g. Road traffic, sporting injuries or birth trauma and can be effectively used with babies, also good for nerve entrapment.

Orthodox Osteopathy looks at the use of body and the clues it gives to biomechanical strains that can predispose to such injuries and complaints as:-

Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
Nerve Entrapement
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Poor Breathing patterns
Poor Digestion
Tennis and Golfers Elbow
Arthritic dysfunction in hips, knees
Frozen Shoulder
Sprained ankles

Visceral techniques applied to areas such as lungs to improve drainage, liver pumping, digestive tract and pelvis. Helps to free up adhesions due to inflammatory disease and post-op.

Naturopathy is used to address lifestyle changes and incorporates nutrition, hydrotherapy and herbal poultices and teas. Also use Dry Needling to help trigger points within tight bands of muscles and helps drainage in sinusitis.

Approach is very much one of finding the root cause and working as team to resolve it.

Member of Osteopathic Sports Care Association, British Osteopathic Association. Registered with General Osteopathic Council. Qualified in 1994.

If making insurance claim check policy details first as some providers require referral via G.P. first. BUPA and AXA PPP covered.

Website: http://www.katiebanfieldosteo.co.uk

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