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Counselling in Central London, Camden

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Counselling in Central London, Camden
London Counselling & Psychotherapy In Camden
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Counselling - Relationship,  Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in London, Camden with Glen Gibson, BACP & UKCP accredited experienced professional counsellor & psychotherapist, offering relationship counselling & therapy for marriage problems, depression, stress, anxiety, addictions (alcohol addiction, gaming & internet addiction, shopping addiction), anger management, grief & bereavement, low self-esteem & confidence building, assertiveness, procrastination, sexual problems, loneliness, existential or midlife crisis, abuse, fear of commitment, dependency, affairs & infidelity, separation & divorce counselling, workplace counselling.

"In counselling & psychotherapy I welcome & respect people's uniqueness & diversity, and respond respectively to each person's circumstances. I am experienced in providing counselling & psychotherapy to women & men, young & old, straight & bisexual, lesbian & gay, white, black or mixed race, of many nationalities & cultures, those who are religious, spiritual, atheist or agnostic. What clients value the most is feeling comfortable with the counsellor & psychotherapist."


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