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Alexandre Winkler ESCP BSc (Hons) LCHE RSHom

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Alexandre Winkler ESCP BSc (Hons) LCHE RSHom
Alexandre Winkler Homeopathy
295 Kingsland Road,
47 Benyon Wharf,
London, Greater London E8 4DQ Email
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Welcome to Alexandre Winkler Homeopathy! - Homeopath and integrated Health Practitioner

I am a European, trained and qualified health professional based in London, offering consultations in English, French, German, and Spanish. I resort to effective, non-toxic, and respectful therapeutic solutions for the body and the psyche, which are also friendly to our environment and refrain from animal testing.

I practice exclusively with natural, safe and non-addictive substances, and resort to a large range of natural remedies such as herbal mother tinctures, Bach Flowers, Schüssler salts (or tissue salts), bowel nosodes, and other homeopathic remedies (from low to highly potentised states, traditional remedies and more recent ones from the Guild of homeopaths).

In a psychodynamic and holistic framework, I explore with my patients the roots of the health concerns they are experiencing, not only taking into account the physical location or their ´material origin´ but also their hereditary, nutritional, behavioural, emotional, mental, and spiritual ramifications. The nature of the condition, its duration, intensity and how this state of illness is experienced will determine the type of treatment that will be tailor-made to my patients´ needs.

Consultations are by appointment only and take place in my home homeopathy practice in Shoreditch near the City of London, and in Central London very near Bond Street; both conveniently located in terms of public transport.

Home or hotel visits and online consultations (Skype, VSee, etc.) can be arranged.

  • Director of the Board of the Society of Homeopaths
  • Consultations City borders and Mayfair
  • Online consultations and home visits possible

    Homeopathy can be effective for the following : Addiction, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, backache, candida, cystitis, depression, eating disorders, eczema, fatigue, IBS, insomnia, menopause, migraine, OCD, pain relief, panic attack, piles, PMS/PMT, pregnancy, sexual difficulties, skin conditions, stress, trauma, weight management.

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