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Energised Subconscious Change
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If you´re looking at this, chances are you´ve been trying mind over matter, and chances are mind over matter has you going out of your mind. It´s likely that you have some patterns in your life that just keep repeating and you´ve no idea why with all the willpower in the world you´ve been unable to make those changes you desperately need.

You´re probably here because, like me, you have tried many different techniques to break free of your old patterns. You may have benefitted in the past from some short-term changes, but nothing has had lasting effects.

Do you want to:

Reduce and remove the Chronic Stress that is damaging your work, relationships and your health?
Make changes that will enhance your performance at work?
Gain control over your own mind and how you respond to the Acute Stresses that life throws your way?
Integrate and move past traumas, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other life-changing events?

In our sessions, I will be using a combination of Applied Kinesiology, trapped emotional release with magnets, and PSYCH-K.

Website  : https://energised.org


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