Linda Hoyland Vitality Specialist

Let me help you regain your Health & Vitality!

 Kinesiology Enhanced
Linda Hoyland Vitality Specialist
1 Lilac Avenue,  
Beverley, Humberside HU17 9UT Email
United Kingdom Website
Phone : 07861251863 Map
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  h 8312-12575    


Other Services Offered by Linda Hoyland Vitality Specialist

Allergy & Intolerance Testing,  Acupressure,  Reflexology

Whether it´s stress, health or weight issues, let me help you to regain your health & vitality. I use a combination of my unique skills and experience as a therapist for over 25 years to tailor bespoke treatments for your own individual needs. I have seen very many clients presenting with many various conditions: headaches, migraines, back pain, joint pains, IBS, digestive problems, CFS, insomnia, hormonal disturbances, anxiety, skin conditions to name just a few and there are many more, stress related problems.
Clients report their problems clear up, they feel much better in themselves, feel positive and motivated, have lots more energy and sleep better.
Let me help you get back in control!

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