Serene Senses

Deep transformative meditation

 Meditation Basic +
  Serene Senses
25 Drysdale St,
Charing Cross,
Glasgow, Strathclyde G14 0LD  
United Kingdom  
Phone : 07816945122
Mobile : 07816945122

  h 8251-12555    


Other Services Offered by Serene Senses

Energy Healing,  Reiki,  Reflexology,  Crystal Therapy,  
Aromatherapy,  Indian Head Massage,  Kinesiology,  Magnet Therapy,  
Massage - Holistic,  Massage - Hot and Cold Stone,  Massage - Thai,  Myofascial Release,  Courses and Workshops,  Bodywork,  Colour Therapy,  Assemblage Point Realignment,  Acupressure

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