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Positively Joyous Past Life Regression and Healing

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Positively Joyous Past Life Regression and Healing
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I am fully qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (DHP/DCH) and an Accredited Supervisor for other hypnotherapy practitioners with the GHR.

I aim to provide a professional, ethical and compassionate hypnosis,therapy or regression session. My specialism and passion is past life regression and healing and of course life between lives regression.

Together we will search the myriad of your past lives in order to bring healing, understanding and knowledge into your life today using the completely safe practice of hypnotherapy. With hypnosis, a long period of time is spent relaxing you and allowing the ´conscious mind or ego´ to drift off. This then allows space for the subconscious mind that is the storehouse of past memories to come to the forefront. With the use of suggestion and visualisation we can then access the relevant past life story for your healing today.

I have with substantial experience (over 200 regressions)and take exacting care in the empathetic interpretation of whatever arises during your regression experience. I also have a multitude of counselling skills and knowledge with which to handle any emotional states that may proceed from the regression.

Alternatively, I offer an Aura Imprint reading service that includes an intuitive past life reading if you prefer not to undertake hypnosis.

I can help with quit smoking, weight management, conquering your fears or phobias, stress management, anxiety, addictions, confidence, depression, performance problems, and more..

As a Life Coach, I also work with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and EMDR, for success training particularly using the Law of Attraction as part of my health and wellness coaching

I am a teacher of meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology and spirituality. And finally I offer Reiki and spiritual healing alongside spiritual development and counselling.

I run a series of courses, classes and retreats all over South East London and Kent

Website  : http://www.positivelyjoyous.com
Weblink 2: http://www.positivelyjoyous.com/past-life-regression
Weblink 3: http://www.auricreading.co.uk/home-page

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