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I am a Psychologist (MBPsS), who is a Life Coach and Reiki healer.
Having worked in corporate, for media and publishing companies, internationally, for a number of years and feeling unsatisfied with the direction my life was taking, I actively decided to change it. Thus my search into ´true self´ began.
This re-linked me back to my original roots in psychology, brought me further in my search to explore mindfulness, meditation and breathing practices, coupled with conscious questioning and reasoning of my own life. Eventually it also brought me unto the path of energy healing through the medium of Reiki.
I now combine all of my life´s knowledge into helping others break free of conditioned thinking and discover the truth, beauty and vastness of who they really are by utilising all of my experience as and when needed.
The intention of my work is to help you remove the mental and energetic blocks of who you think you are and so, just like I discovered, seeing that .....

Website: http://www.janetgracey.com
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