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Traditional Japanese Reiki
Mikao Usui
Reiki's true translation is 'Spiritual Energy', it is all around us and within us.

Reiki is a method of channelling this energy through the hands to benefit a person on an emotional and physical level. It is not a belief system, it is not a religion and does not contradict any religious faith- it works with them.

Everything has energy or 'ki' in it. There is an unlimited amount of energy even though it may seem invisible, it is encompassing. It is the fuel that drives humans and the world, giving us the ultimate structure and purpose in life. This is Reiki.

To help us understand this truly wonderful system, visualise a free flowing river, this beautiful river is like energy flowing easily down through the body.

Occasionally a pebble or even a rock will fall into this river, making the flow of the water a little more difficult. These pebbles are human worries, fear, anger an .....

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