Elizabeth White

Havening for trauma, fears and phobias, anxiety, PTSD

 Havening Techniques Enhanced
Elizabeth White
The Therapy Centre,
Warrington Lane,
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Other Services Offered by Elizabeth White

Hypnotherapy,  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Havening uses the sensory input of touch as a key part of its success. The practitioner or the clients themselves makes particular sweeps over the arms, hands and face. This is what triggers the delta waves in the brain. The delta waves in turn prompt helpful chemical chain-reactions in the amygdala. This removes specific AMPA Receptors from the surface of neurons in the amygdala where the traumatic event is ´stored´. For some particular uses of Havening there is also some distraction techniques used so that as the work is being done, the area of the brain storing the trauma is not constantly being re-activated.

Traumatic experiences can lead to the brain encoding the experience in ways that can lead to psychological and/or physical ´symptoms´. Havening can help to treat all of these symptoms and so much more.

Website  : http://www.lizwhite-nlp.co.uk/havening.asp


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