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Metatronia Therapy

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Metatronia Therapy
10 Alaska Place,
Chapel Allerton,
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS7 4LT Email
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Other Services Offered by Metatronia Therapy

Reiki,  Intuitive Healing,  Stress Management,  Spiritual Development,  
Soul Healing,  Life Coaching,  Holistic Healing,  Health and Wellness Coaching,  
Distance Healing,  Energy Healing,  Counselling,  Animal Healing/Therapy,  Counselling - Bereavement

Metatronia Therapy is the latest in Quantum, Electro-medicine Healing and Ascension Alignment. The attunement received from Metatron, aligns you with the Divine light and conscious vibration of One. It aligns and heals the mind perceived as an individual mind, the ego mind and delivers the Ascension Codings to return the mind to the Divine Mind of One, of Source.

It heals the ego mind, the separated mind, and alters the mind from perceiving the split mind matrix. Via the Frequencies, Energies, Vibrations and Light Codings of Metatron, through Metatronia Therapy, it offers one the opportunity of re-integrating the One Consciousness. When the mind is healed, you are your own best healer.

When the mind is healed, Divine Grace and the path of forgiveness is emanated in your very presence and assists the healing and alignment of other-selves. The unconscious becomes conscious.

The separation becomes unification. It aligns one to The One Sourc .....

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