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Metatronia Therapy
Metatronia Therapy
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Other Services Offered by Metatronia Therapy

Stress Management,  Spiritual Development,  Soul Healing,  Life Coaching,  
Holistic Healing,  Health and Wellness Coaching,  Distance Healing,  Energy Healing,  
Counselling,  Intuitive Healing

"This Light is the Source from what all is created. It existed before the beginning of time and shines eternally for there is nothing new that lies under the Sun only the discovery of such that is so divine from within the heart and mind of Man"

Metatronia Therapy® is Source vibration healing energy. It may be termed as "Electro-medicine". This sacred vibration received through Archangel Metatron aligns you to Divine light. It is not only bound to healing as it works to assist the vibrational alignment that in turn assists the Ascension process.

The light works to your own unique energy/vibratory signature. The Divine light Dynamics have a specific purpose which is to assist mankind´s Alchemical Light transmutation. It is ever altering, expanding and moving in line with Source light harmonics.

Metatronia Therapy is involved in the Bioenergetics* (´*energy flow through living systems´) - the Energy transformation with the human system from connection with higher light vibrational codings thus aligning the human vessel with the true light blueprint. We are awakening to a new state of being, a higher, conscious awareness of the greater reality. The truth that we are becoming as we open to the dynamics of Source. It can be applied through physical and distant application.

"This vibrational integration is formed from the intelligent and most conscious life Light (the encoded light from which all is created). Metatron is assisting the re-integration with "Divine Wisdom" that "vibrationally" restores and alters the physical vessel back into its divine body of light through ethereal and "bio-chemical" interaction and restructuring".

"At the direction of the El´Ohym, Metatron creates and generates the sacred geometrical Light Codings of the Ascension Programs for Humanity´s Return to Source at this time. Metatronia Therapy re-aligns you, as an extension of Source energy that you are, to your original Source Frequency. As well, as reintegrates the Metatronic Consciousness within you and corrects the electron spin field, to pure positive energy. This then aligns one to anchor and embody the Divine Light of the One that you truly are, within the holographic matrix. Metatron aligns, corrects and unwinds the perceptions of the mind that has perceived the self as separated and fragmented, and offers an accelerated opportunity of re-alignment to the Pure Inscription of Light of Source that you are".

"Metatronia Therapy is a vibrational aligning/healing energy like no other and I have felt or experienced. It is a very high vibration and really goes to the heart and heals on many levels. Archangel Metatron opens us up to this transformational vibration assisting us as we expand, awaken and evolve".

“This Therapy is much more than what many term "energy healing"! It is not "energy healing”. It is alignment to Source”.

Tammy offers Attunements, Healing, Training, Webinars, Products, in person and distant healing.

This is a very powerful & transformational vibration and will draw those who are ready to experience it.

Tammy offers both free events, paid events and training webinars. With a variety of healing, alignment and Ascension topics.

The Metatronia Foundation of Light is an approved and accredited training provider with CHNC, FHT, IICT and IPHM. Offering global ascension/Lightworker Practitioner training and attunements, up to Workshop Facilitator level.

Services offered:

Healer Practitioner Attunements up to Master Level
Metatronia Massage Training
Meditation & Metatation
Metatronia Divine Artisty
Light Counsel
Lightbody & Sacred Algorithms
Webinar Recordings
Crisis Healing and Counselling
Skype Sessions
Animal Healing
Mental Health Support
Lightworker Support Guidance Training
Soul Readings

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