Clare Palgrave At Starlight Starbright

Clare Palgrave, Healing and Meditation

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Clare Palgrave At Starlight Starbright
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Energy and spiritual healing, Reconnective Healing and Reconnection both in person and distance. Free weekly distance meditation and meditation resources.

What if your life was lit up by full scale illumination rather than a small table lamp?

What if the ‘walls’ around your life were backlit so that you lived in a ‘room’ that was fully illumined?

What if you found that the ‘walls’ of your room were able to create and project images that were of value to you, that helped you to step into new territory, to see and be things you had never dreamed were even there?

Energy healing is more than just healing. It enables you to connect deeply to your inner core, so that you feel more connected to your own inner being and to others around you, and begin to understand how to live your live in flow, and to connect more with your purpose in life.

Do you want to regain your inner happiness and feel more calm, peaceful and relaxed? Would you like to learn simple techniques to attract more positive experiences into your life and let go of negative patterns that are holding you back? How would it feel to be able to choose your own emotional state rather than feel at the mercy of the moods of others?

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