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Master NLP practitioner, NLP Hypnotherapy, and NLP Time LIne Therapy
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Your Breakthrough Experience

NLP Breakthrough coaching:how does it work?

Experience a breakthrough with Transformational NLP Breakthrough Coaching

The NLP Breakthrough Coaching Experience is a powerful tool to change perception and create true transformation. How NLP Breakthrough coaching works is by being a dynamic approach which, quickly and easily reveals and helps resolve the underlying issues that are detours on the path to your total fulfillment and joy de vivre, and peace of mind. Some of these issues we are already conscious of, some of them are unconscious, and some of them may even be imagined.

Nevertheless, they all change perception, and as we look back at how we have adapted to life, we realize the negative influence they have had on us. Eliminating these perceptions and beliefs will enable you to enjoy life in the flow, with freedom and fulfillment. Your breakthrough coach has Master NLP expertise and can help you with any life challenge. NLP works!

NLP Breakthrough Coaching: Does NLP Work? How?

NLP Breakthrough Coaching happens in 4 stages;

Stage 1 - Initial Phone Call
Before we meet, we will have a phone conversation which gives you the opportunity to ask any questions, help you make the right decision for you, and get an understanding of the process so you feel comfortable about making your commitment to you future results. This conversation also help me to decide whether I am 100% certain you are able to take responsibility for your life, and whether you are someone I can assist to breakthrough and attain the result you desire. We will discuss dates, time and fee and come to an agreement during this initial conversation.

Stage 2 - Beginning the self-enquiry
I will email you a questionnaire to complete. These questions are part of your process, and must be answered honestly and thoroughly. They are designed to help you in identifying precisely what it is you want from your NLP Breakthrough Coaching, how you measure your success and what your key patterns are. The more thought and effort you put into this, the more effective the session will be for you. Your answers must be returned to me well before session.

Stage 3 - NLP Breakthrough Coaching sessions
The total coaching day is usually around 6 hours and I usually split the time over three as follows:

Session 1
  • Determining what changes you want and how you will know you've achieved them in your NLP Breakthrough Coaching session.
  • Discover the unconscious beliefs which are sabotaging you and what motivation them.
  • Find the exact root causes of the problem which is preventing you from experiencing the life you really desire right now.
  • Unravel the tangled web of emotions and limiting beliefs, and choose to delete those which no longer serve you.

    Short lunch break

    Session 2
  • Release negative emotions which have anchored your limiting beliefs and kept you stuck: including anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt, using Time Line Therapy and EFT
  • Delete any limiting sabotaging beliefs you have which are the root cause of your problem.
  • Resolve any conscious or unconscious conflicts that have prevented you from being 100% in life, loving the experience.
  • Determine, visualize and install new behaviors which support your new way of being
  • Constantly test and re-test during the process to make sure you have got the result what you want

    Session 3
  • Design and set smart goals to give you a real sense of direction, focus and purpose in your life...find your passion!
  • Learn how to effectively utilize the Law of Attraction
  • Decide upon tasks to be undertaken over the following 14 days to ensure all new behaviors stay installed, and new empowering neurological networks are created. (Daily texting of intention and daily review for 14 consecutive days)

    Your success depends on your ability to be open and honest with yourself, to be willing to follow instructions when resolving the issues and being prepared to give 100% commitment to getting the result.

    Stage 4 - COMMITMENT
    It is your job, as my client, to give 100% to achieving the goals we decided upon during the 3rd session. I request that you contact me daily by text to discuss your achievements, set further tasks and goasl, and to demonstrate to your unconscious mind that you are committed to this new way of being.

    NLP breakthrough Coaching does work and the format .has worked brilliantly for all my committed Breakthrough coaching clients. Isn't it time you had your breakthrough?

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