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Wellness Day

with Alicky Gravell and guest presenters

Location : Stroud, Glos

Wellness days are an introduction to daily health and excersise. This include introduction to the following disciplines
Meditation,Chi Gung, Juicing, Yoga/Pilates, mindfullness and nutrition.


Web : www.waterlaneworkshops.co.uk
Email : kate@waterlaneworkshops.co.uk


Colour Therapy Workshop Level 1

Location : Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Our next workshops are on the weekend of 13th & 14th May - do come and join us to explore the power of colour for health and wellbeing.
The Level 1 Colour Workshop in on the Saturday ? 13th May and will show how colour energy is used by therapists and how you can use it yourself for your health and well-being and that of your family. Level 2 is on the Sunday ? 14th May and explains how Colour Therapy can be used alongside other complementary therapies. The workshops run from 10.00am and finish around 4.30pm and are full of information and hands on experience. All information presented in a Workshop booklet for each participant.
Please see the website for the full details of each workshop and for booking information:- http://www.colourtherapyhealing.com/colour-workshops
I hope you can join us.


Web : www.colourtherapyhealing.com
Email : valerie@colourtherapyhealing.com

(Healing Event)

Amazing Healings, Inspired Teachings & PXP Royale Purple Rice

Free Healing Show

Location : The Grange Rochester Hotel, Victoria, London

Psychic Healer Jeanette Wilson from SKY REAL LIVES in NZ allows the Entities of Light to work through her on audience members who volunteer to receive healing. Pain and restriction are often removed in just minutes in front of your eyes. This free event is designed to open hearts and minds to what is possible with healing.
You can also sample PXP Royale micronised purple rice on the night. This is an amazing superfood that can help you to have more energy, sleep better and handle stress better

Free Event

Web : www.jeanettewilson.com
Email : admin@jeanettewilson.com


Lightworkers Activation Course

For your rapid growth and activation

Location : Preston

A Call to Respond
Would you like to achieve profound healing and rapid transformation during an extraordinary 8 week experience? Join us on this in-depth healing journey through the chakras ? the energy centres of the body. Old patterns of fear, pain, self-doubt and negative thought forms are released. New positive thought forms are adopted and resources are activated that have been lying latent inside of you all along. A unique and exciting experience ? participants often describe this as the highlight of their lives as they heal the past and open up to their higher gifts.

Respond to your true calling, activate your higher gifts and open to the magic of life.
What does it mean to be a Lightworker?
How do you know if you are a Lightworker? What is the role and purpose of Lightworkers? What is the significance of this time we live in for the earth and for you?

Lightworker Activation is an inspired course for the rapid development, growth and spiritual activation of Lightworkers. It?s designed to fulfil your unique needs at this crucial time of our global evolution. You will gain all the information, insight and ability to clearly understand and fulfil your unique role as a Lightworker. Time is of the essence and your activation has become a universal priority in this significant time.

The course is structured in 7 key stages of development and activation, delivered in 8 sessions, the first one being foundational. The 7 Step Course will be a process of opening up chakra portals, one by one, working on each chakra individually from the lower to the higher, clearing and rebalancing. Each session will include energy sensitisation practices enabling you to activate your higher abilities which have been there latent inside of you all along.


Web : Lightworkerscouncil.com
Email : Narina@lightworkerscouncil.com